WMG2022 OceanRacing

WMG 20212 Canoe Ocean Racing
Surfski Rental Program

Due to recent decision to postpone WMG 2021, we are temporarily suspending surfski rental requests.
Will be reopened upon resume of competitor entry.



  • Rental fee: 
    • Early booking before December 31, 2020: 450 USD
    • Standard booking before Feb 28, 2021: 550 USD
    • plus Refundable damage deposit: 200 USD
  • レンタル料:
    • 早期予約(2020年12月末まで):450 米ドル
    • 通常予約(2021年2月末まで):550米ドル
    • 損害補償金(返金あり): 200 米ドル


All equipment hired from EKJP (Epic Kayaks Japan) is used at the Hirer’s own risk. No condition, warranty or representation of safety, suitability or fitness is expressed or implied by EKJP.
  1. I, the Hirer, understand that ocean, whitewater and flat water kayaking have inherent and other risks, and that personal injury and property damage are common and ordinary consequences of such activities. 
  2. Before hiring, I, the Hirer must inspect all goods that are being hired. Accepting and taking possession of hire goods constitutes acknowledgment by the Hirer that all goods hired are in good working order and free from defects at the time of hiring and have been adjusted to the Hirer’s requirements. 
  3. This agreement is with the Hirer only and cannot be assigned to any other person. Under no circumstances can the hired equipment be transferred, lent or sub-hired to anyone else. 
  4. Subject to any non-excludable statutory provision, EKJP shall not be liable for injury or death, whether due to accident, breakdown, defect, negligence or from any other cause whatsoever, and to the fullest extent permitted by law, all conditions, warranties and representations to the contrary are excluded. 
  5. I, the Hirer, will be responsible for any damage or loss however caused (other than normal wear and tear) to the equipment and I agree to be charged the full replacement or repair value. 
  6. I, the Hirer, shall not remove, deface or cover up, or cause to be removed defaced or covered up, any identifying marks of ownership on the equipment. 
  7. I, the Hirer, indemnify and keep indemnified EKJP, its servants, agents and assigns from and against all claims, losses, expenses and damages whatsoever arising from the hire or use of the equipment, including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all damage or injury to any person or property whatsoever. 
  8. I, the Hirer, will return all hired equipment on the last day of the hiring period and will be responsible for its good order and condition (e.g. washing down boat, cleaning & removing stickers). 
  9. If the hiring period is exceeded, daily hire rates will be charged. 
  10. No refund or part thereof will be given for equipment returned early. 
  11. Equipment not returned to EKJP by the return date, unless notified, shall be charged at the full retail price. 
  12. I have read, understand and agree to all of the above conditions. I am over 18 years of age. 


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